January 2020, after seeking God through fasting and prayer for months, I was woken up in the middle of the night and given a vision. The vision was about a great harvest. My part in the harvest was to start a fire in a field in the center of the United States. I was told that Satan was going to attack the world with four weapons at a level we have not seen. The four weapons were Fear, Anxiety, Panic and Depression.


Keep in mind this was January 2020 and things in the USA were as good as they have been in years. I asked God what field? I felt everyone was going to think I was crazy if I started talking about these four weapons and an attack by the enemy. I have learned though, if God speaks, I jump!


God told me I was to bring His children together in a field and host an event focused completely on bringing glory to His son Jesus. God let me know that if we did this, then He would display his power, bringing a Freedom Fire from heaven to set everyone free of these four weapons of the enemy. Not only that, but everyone will be set free of all issues and addictions associated with them as well.


In March 2020, as you know, everything changed beginning with the COVID-19. The Pandemic was followed by racial tensions our country has not seen in a very long time. It was at that time I was able to finally see and understand God’s vision about the weapons that He had let me know were coming. It was also at that time that I knew that God was going to do something so special on September 19th at Freedom Fire 2020!


For months, I sought God about what music artist that He desired to bring. All roads kept ending with Darren Mulligan and We Are Messengers. Who better to be a part of setting  people free with Jesus awesome love than a former broken sinner whose testimony and music has touched millions. 


On September 19th, God’s Freedom Fire fell and set many free and on fire. Now Beckah Shay has answered the call to come and fan that flame with the Ruah Breath of God. Come and Call on God once again for more!


With all the latest news and information about Freedom Fire.

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